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Magistrate's Court (Civil) Jurisdiction

The Magistrate's Court (CIvil) deals with the majority of the day to day civil proceedings before the Courts. Civil proceedings is a broad term used to describe all matters before the court that are not criminal and may include matters such as disputes over money, property, land and claims for injury and loss.

The Administration of Justice Ordinance outlines the Magistrate's Court (Civil) jurisdiction, giving a prescribed list of those matters that the Senior Magistrate may deal with. The jurisidction of the Magistrate's Court (Civil) is closely linked with that of the Supreme Court (Civil) and where the Magistrate's Court (Civil) does not hold jurisidiction to deal with proceedings, the Supreme Court (Civil) will deal with matters.

The practice and procedure of the Magistrate's Court (Civil) shall be as near as possible to that of the County Court of England and Wales and is governed by the County Court Rules 1981 (as amended).  Please note - The Civil Procedure Rules of England and Wales do not apply in the Falkland Islands.

More detailed information has been provided regarding the most common areas of civil proceedings which can be accessed via the drop down menu.