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Register of Civil Judgments

What is the Register of Civil Judgments?

The Register of Civil Judgments (the "Register") contains details of judgments that have been entered against debtors. This includes;

  • The judgment debtors name and address;
  • The amount of the judgment, including costs; and
  • The case number

Once a judgment has been entered a record of the judgment will be put into the Register. Awards made after an Arbitration hearing will also be entered onto the Register.

I have a judgment against me; what does this mean for me?

This Register can be searched by the public, so it may affect your ability to get credit.

If a judgment has been entered against you, you can be removed from the Register by satisfying the judgment within one month of it being entered. Alternatively you can apply to the court for a certificate of satisfaction. To do this you will need to complete the form below and return it to the Clerk to the Magistrate's Court at the Courts and Tribunals office. Once this form is received, a notification of your request will be sent to the Plaintiff in the action for them to confirm the contents. If the Court is satisfied that the judgment has been satisfied or set aside then a certificate will be sent to you and your entry will be removed, or marked, accordingly.

Request for certificate of satisfaction or cancellation of judgment debt


There is no fee for requesting a certificate of satisfaction or cancellation. There is also no fee for searching the Register.