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The Supreme Court 

The Chief Justice sits as the Judge in the Supreme Court; attending the Falkland Islands when cases require. The Supreme Court ordinarily sits in the court room in Stanley, unless the matter being determined is capable of being dealt with away from the Falkland Islands. This would normally only be for matters such as the management of a case before final hearing.

The work of the Supreme Court is varied and broad in nature. It is not possible to detail all of the legislation governing this Court due to the number of areas of law it covers, but the primary rules of practice and proceedure are found in the England and Wales Rules of the Supreme Court 1965 (as amended), the Rules of the Supreme Court (S. R & O No. 3 of 1949) and the Administration of Justice Ordinance.

In practice, the majority of the day to day work before the Supreme Court is dealt with by the Acting Judge, who sits at the direction of the Chief Justice.

The following non-exhaustive list gives some idea of the many of areas of work that the Chief Justice and Acting Judge deal with on a daily basis:

More detailed information has been provided for some of the most common applications before the Supreme Court. Please click on the links or the drop down menu for more information.