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Camp Exemption Order

Camp exemption orders are similar in nature to Children's Certificates.  The effect of the order is to allow a premises located in camp to permit those under the age of 18 years old onto the premises.

Section 66(5A) of the Licensing Ordinance makes the only reference to this order and states: "(5A) Subsection (1) does not apply to premises in Camp exempted by order of the Licensing Justices from its provisions."

Due to the lack of detail with regards to procedure and the basis for granting such an order, the Licensing Justices' have determined "best practice" to be adopted to ensure a consistent approach.

How to apply:

1. Complete Application for Camp Exemption Order.

2. File with the Court during annual renewals. This order will run alongside any other licence that is in force regarding a premises. At the start of the annual licensing sessions the Licensing Justices' will revoke all camp exemption orders and children's certificates. The effect of this will mean that each year an application will have to be made.

3. The court will notify you of the hearing date for your application.

4. The Applicant must attend the hearing unless prior authority to not attend has been sought from the Licensing Justices'. This may be done by writing to the Clerk of the Summary Court and the decision for any such request will be communicated to you in writing.

5. The Licensing Justices' will have regard to all relevant information when assessing if the premises are suitable for under 18 year olds.


Application for a Camp Exemption Order


Upon application - Nil

Upon grant - £20