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Occasional Licences

An Occasional Licence can be applied for by any individual in the community, it does not have to be someone who currently holds a licence of any form. An Occasional Licence is a temporary licence which allows an individual to sell intoxicating liquor for a period of not exceeding five days at a function or event.

Section 83 of the Ordinance outlines the grant of occasional licence.

It states:

(1) A court of summary jurisdiction may, if satisfied as to the matters mentioned in subsection (2), grant to any person a licence (in this Ordinance called an "occasional licence") authorizing him to sell intoxicating liquor during a period not exceeding five days at some function or event.

(2) The matters as to which the court must be satisfied are-

(a) that the applicant is a fit and proper person to sell intoxicating liquor;

(b) that the place where the intoxicating liquor will be sold is suitable and persons under the age of eighteen years can readily and suitably be excluded there from;

(c) that the sale of intoxicating liquor will be merely ancillary to the function or event;

(d) that the sale of intoxicating liquor at the function is not likely to result in disturbance or annoyance being caused to residents in the neighbourhood of that place, or any disorderly conduct.

(3) An occasional licence shall specify-

(a) the place where intoxicating liquor may be sold by virtue of the licence;

(b) the kind or kinds of intoxicating liquor that may be sold by virtue of the licence;

(c) the hours between which such liquor may be so sold and the date (or dates) on which those hours fall,

and the court may attach to the licence any condition that it thinks proper.

84 Application for occasional licences

(1) An application for an occasional licence shall be in writing and shall contain the following particulars:

(a) the name and address of the applicant;

(b) the date and nature of the function and the place where it is to be held;

(c) the premises or place in which it is proposed intoxicating liquor will be sold; and

(d) the kind or kinds of intoxicating liquor proposed to be sold at the function and the hours between which it is proposed that such liquor shall be sold.

(2) An application for an occasional licence shall be made by sending two copies of the application to the clerk to the court to whom it is desired to make application for the occasional licence at least seven days before it is intended that the application shall be heard, but the court may, if for any specific reason it thinks fit, consider and grant the application on shorter notice.

(3) On receiving a notice of application pursuant to subsection (2), the clerk of the court shall forthwith send one copy of it to the chief police officer.

(4) On the consideration of an application for an occasional licence the applicant shall attend in person unless his non-attendance has been excused by the court.

85 Further provisions in relation to occasional licences

(2) No occasional licence shall be granted-

(a) to any person who for the time being is disqualified from holding or obtaining a justices' licence; or

(b) for any premises which for the time being are disqualified from receiving a justices' licence.

Application for an Occasional Licence


Upon application - £20

Upon grant, for every day or part thereof to which the occasional licenence relates - £35 (to a maximum of £100)