Court Fees

This page sets out all the fees charged by the court on or after 1st July 2021.

All fees are payable in advance, unless stated otherwise. If you take a step in a case after 1st July 2021, the new fee will be payable even if the case started before 1st July 2021. Fees can be paid at the court office by either cash or cheque. You will be given a receipt.  You may also make payment by bank transfer.  Please contact the court for further information.

If you have legal aid for your court case, you will not have to pay court fees.



On an application for probate, letters of administration, or for the resealing of a grant of probate or letters of administration:-

(i) where the net value of the estate does not exceed £5000—no fee

(ii) where the net value of the estate exceeds £5000—£155

For the entry or withdrawal of a caveat—£21

For a search of any document—£10

For a copy of all or any part of a document—28p per page

Standard copy fee for sealed/verified copies of documents—£10 for the first copy and 28p per subsequent copy supplied at the same time

For pursuing and settling citations, advertisements, oaths, affidavits or other documents—£21


Supreme Court proceedings

Issue of originating process—£309

Application for an injunction ancillary to any cause of action—£155

On making a general application:-

(i) on notice—£155

(ii) by consent/without notice—£52

On filing a counter-claim—The same fee as if the remedy sought was the subject of separate proceedings

On issuing enforcement following an earlier judgment—£309

Sale under a writ of execution—reasonable expenses as determined by the court

Service by the court of a summons or any other document:-

(i) by post—no fee

(ii) personal service—East Falkland—£72

- West Falkland—£72 plus reasonable travel and subsistence expenses as determined by the court

On filing a notice of appeal from any court or tribunal from which an appeal lies to the Supreme Court (other than in relation to appeals of Prohibition Orders under the Licensing Ordinance or orders of the Workmen’s Compensation Commission for which there is no fee) - £155

Copy documents per A4 page—28p

On taxation of costs by the Registrar—5p per £1 of profit costs and disbursements allowed

On issue of a costs certificate—£10

On appeal of taxation by the Registrar—£206

On deposing an affidavit or an affirmation before an Officer of the Court—£7.50 plus £3.50 for each exhibit

On lodging an application for judicial review:

(i) upon seeking first permission—£155

(ii) upon receiving permission—£309

On requesting a certificate of satisfaction—£10

On the making of a Constitutional reference—£515


Civil proceedings in the magistrate’s and summary courts

On issuing proceedings for the recovery of a sum of money or delivery of goods—£72

On filing a counter-claim—£72

On issuing enforcement action following an earlier judgment—£72

Service by the court—fee as in the Supreme Court

On requesting a certificate of satisfaction—£10

On the lodging of an appeal with the summary court constituted as the Employment Tribunal:-

(i) where the appellant’s annual earnings in the last tax year are less than £15,000—nil

(ii) otherwise—£165

On the lodging of an application with the Fisheries Dispute Commission—£206


Divorce and family proceedings other than under the Children Ordinance

Issue of originating process—£309

On an application to make a decree nisi absolute—£46

On any other application under the Matrimonial Causes Ordinance:-

(i) by consent—£52

(ii) other than by consent—£155


Family Proceedings under the Children Ordinance

On an application for originating process (excluding financial relief) - £206

Any application within proceedings (excluding financial relief) - £103

On an application for an order for financial relief:-

(i) by consent—£52

(ii) other than by consent—£52

On an application to vary or discharge a financial order:-

(i) by consent—£52

(ii) other than by consent—£52

On appeal relating to fostering or hosting provisions—£155

On requesting a parental responsibility order following the completion of a parental responsibility agreement—£52

On application for a maintenance order to be sent abroad—£52

On application for variation of an existing financial order from abroad (under reciprocal enforcement legislation or similar) - £52

Annual licences

On application for the grant of a new justices’ licence—£72

On grant (including the grant on transfer) or renewal of a justices’ on-licence, Part V licence, or off-licence—£103

On application for a club registration certificate—nil

On grant or renewal of a club registration certificate—£82

On application for a children’s certificate—nil

On grant or renewal of a children’s certificate—£52

On application for a Camp exemption order—nil

On grant of a Camp exemption order—£21

On application for a special hours certificate—£72

On grant of a special hours certificate—£103


Other licences

On application for a protection order—£52

On grant of an application for a protection order—£62

On application for an extension of permitted hours—£21

On grant of an extension of permitted hours—£15 per hour or part thereof

On application for an occasional licence—£21

On grant of an occasional licence—£26 per day to a maximum of £70


Other licensing matters

On application for a Prohibition Order—Nil

On inspection of the register of licences—£10


There are also fees payable in respect of other, rarely taken, proceedings. These include proceedings in the Court of Appeal of the Falkland Islands; Admiralty proceedings in the Supreme Court; proceedings in the Court of Protection; and bankruptcy proceedings. Details of these fees can be obtained from the court office.