Magistrate's Court

What is the Magistrate's Court?

All criminal proceedings are commenced in the Summary Court.  A case may be allocated, committed or transferred  to  the Magistrate's Court.

Who is the Judge?

The Senior Magistrate sits in the Magistrate's Court. 

The Senior Magistrate is also able to deal with the following matters;

  • Deciding on applications for Search Warrants
  • Deciding on applications for Telecommunications Warrants
  • Swearing in Royal Falkland Islands Police Officers
  • Deciding on applications for Production Orders

What is the Sentencing Power of the Magistrate's Court?

The Magistrate's Court may impose imprisonment for any period, or a fine of any amount, or both.   However, this is subject to the maximum penalty prescribed for an offence.

For information about how a sentence is decided please see The Overarching Sentencing Guideline.