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My friend / family member has been sent to prison,

what happens next?


Once a person has been sentenced to imprisonment the court has no further involvement with the administration of their sentence. The following information provided by Her Majesty's Prison Stanley may assist those who wish to visit a friend or family member while they are in prison.

All questions regarding prison visits or any aspect of a person's rights or entitlements when either serving a prison sentence or remanded in custody should be directed to the prison on 28105.


About HMP Stanley

Her Majesty's Prison Stanley is located adjacent to Royal Falkland Islands Police headquarters.

On the day of reception in to prison, the prisoner is entitled to a telephone call to contact a family member. 

Information for visitors

Visits days and times

Wednesday or Thursday 14:00 to 15:00

(Female prisoners Wednesday at 14:00)


Sunday 10:00 to 11:00

- Convicted prisoners are entitled to one visit per week on a weekday, and an additional privilege visit on a Sunday (forfeited if a weekend family visit is taken instead)

- Remand prisoners can have a visit on all occasions that visits are conducted at the times above.

- Visitors can arrive up to 10 minutes before the visit time. Please note that no visitor will be allowed entry once visits has commenced.

- A maximum of two visitors - aged 18 and over - per prisoner.

- Prisoners have daily access to telephones in order to contact family members and arrange visits. Visitors can ring the prison directly if they have any queries.

- Visitors from camp may be able to visit at another time by prior agreement with Prison staff.

- Child visits to be arranged with the prison directly.

- Visitors can ring the prison directly if they have any queries on 28105.


Items that can be handed in on a visit

Limited to 6 items per week


Phone cards

Toiletries (no glass or aerosol)

Smoking items

Condiments (no glass)

Reading materials

Visitors information
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