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Extension of Permitted Hours


What is an extension of permitted hours?

An extension of permitted hours is a grant by the court to sell liquor during hours not normally permitted by the Licensing Ordinance 1994.


Who can apply for an extension of permitted hours?

A holder of a Justices' On-Licence may apply for an extension of permitted hours.


Are there any criteria for an application?

The court may only grant an extesnion of permitted hours in respect of a 'special occasion'.  The Licensing Ordinance provides some guidance about what a 'special occasion' is:

a special occasion is an occasion-

     (a)     which creates a potential demand for liquor by those participating in it;

     (b)     which is not an occasion which regularly occurs or recurs throughout the year; and

     (c)     is not a function which, while it may in itself have the character of a special occasion, is a kind of function which occurs with such frequency as to lose its special character,

and by way of example of the application of the foregoing rules, if the court sees fit, it may grant an extension of permitted hours in respect of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, but shall not do so in respect of every Friday evening or in respect of regularly occurring functions such as a weekly darts match (although, if it sees fit, it may do so on the occasion of the final of a darts competition).

(section 48 Licensing Ordinance 1994)


How do I apply?

Complete the application form below and send to the court office.  There may be a fee payable.

Once your application is received a copy of it will be sent to the Chief of Police.  The application will be listed for an objection deadline and this will be placed on the court list.  If no objections are received, the Clerk to the Summay Court may grant your application by use of delegated powers.  If there is are any objections, or queries, about your application it will be listed for hearing before the Licensing Justices.  You will be told the date and time of this hearing and your attendance will be required.


Application for Extension of Permitted Hours
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