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What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is public funding that provides either full or part payment (depending on an individuals income and circumstances) to legal practitioners who are representing people either during the investigation of an offence or throughout legal proceedings in the Falkland Islands.

Not all cases attract legal aid and the Legal Aid Scheme details the test that is applied when considering whether the grant of legal aid is merited.

Dependant upon someone's financial circumstances, legal aid may be granted with a requirement that a percentage of the overall cost of representation and/or a lump sum contribution amount is paid by the represented person. All grants of Legal Aid for representation are given a financial limit and detail what they are granted for.

Who Administers Legal Aid?

The Legal Aid Scheme is administered by the Courts.  The court staff deal with the administration of all applications made, including applications for payment. Any bills submitted to the court for payment may be taxed. Taxation is a process whereby the Courts consider the work undertaken by the legal practitioner and determine if a) the work is covered by the Scheme and b) whether that work was necessary to effectively manage and advance the case.

A full copy of the Legal Aid Scheme is available via the link below, along with the forms to apply for legal aid. Should you have any questions regarding your eligibility for legal aid please consult a legal practitioner.


PLEASE NOTE: Completed, signed and scanned forms may be submitted to the court at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdf.png Legal Aid Scheme (2017) HOT
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 Legal Aid Forms

pdf.png LA 1 HOT
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