Additional Information


Attending Court

If you wish to attend court and observe proceedings please check the timings for the hearing on the court list.

When  you attend court please remember the following;

  • Court hearings are open to the public (unless expressed otherwise on the court list).  This means you are able to attend.
  • Please try to be seated before the hearing starts.  If you are coming into, or leaving, the court room whilst the bench is sitting please do so as quietly as possible to avoid disruption.
  • You may take water into the court room.  Any other beverages are at the discretion of the court staff.
  • You may not take notes unless you have permission from the court.
  • You may not take a recording of proceedings.
  • No photography
  • Please switch mobile phones off or put them on silent.

Attending as a Witness

If you are requested to attend court as a witness you will be given information about what time and on what day you need to attend.  When you arrive at the court house please ring the bell at reception and a member of court staff will assist you.