Video Link In the Court Room


What is the video link?

The Video link is an internet based video meeting service which allows you to join or participate in a court hearing without coming to court.

It works in a similar way to Zoom and Skype and allows you to join from any electronic device with internet capability and a number of people can appear virtually at the same time.

When is it used?

The video link is used when it is not possible or appropriate for a person to attend court for example if they are overseas or in quarantine. The video link has enabled the impact of Covid on travel and other restrictions to be mitigated.

Use of the video link includes:

  • Witnesses giving evidence from overseas
  • Legal practitioners representing clients from overseas
  • Witnesses or legal practitioners appearing from quarantine in the Falkland Islands
  • Justices’ of the Peace to attending meetings from overseas
  • Members of the Criminal Justice Council to attending meetings from overseas
  • The Chief Justice to appearing in hearings from overseas

How is it used?

In court proceedings there usually needs to be an application for a person to appear over the video link. The application should be made by the person who has conduct of the case.

For example, in the case of a prosecution witness Crown Counsel would make the application.

Before the day of hearing/meeting – witnesses and advocates

Before the hearing the court will contact to you to provide you with joining instructions and contact details.

They will often arrange a test call before the hearing date to make sure you are able to connect.

If you will be giving evidence

If you are giving evidence it is likely you will need to take the oath. If you wish to take the oath on a holy book you must have the holy book with you and available for the hearing.

If you are a witness giving evidence from a court site outside the Falkland Islands the court in the Falkland Islands will make the necessary arrangements. Please do not make arrangements yourself or make any changes. Video link equipment varies from site to site and may not be compatible, or require specific preparations to be put in place for a connection to be made.

On the day of hearing/meeting

Even though you may be the hearing from your home you are still appearing in court and the same rules and procedures apply.

  1. Make sure you are in a private room

Nobody else should be present or have access and this should be in a quiet place where there will be no noise or distractions.

  1. Plain background

If possible try to sit in a place with a plain background behind you. This can make the picture on the screen in the courtroom clearer.

  1. Avoid stripes and patterns etc

Stripes and patterns etc on clothing can become distorted and distracting on the screen. If possible try to dress in plain block colours.

  1. Using mute

If you are listening to the hearing rather than speaking please place yourself on mute. This will remove any background noise from you in the courtroom.

  1. Recording

You must not record the hearing. It may be a criminal offence to do so.