Useful Definitions

Administrator - a person appointed to deal with an estate under a grant of letters of administration.

Assets - items belonging to the estate which may be distributed to beneficiaries, or used to pay off liabilities.

Beneficiary - someone entitled to gain an asset from the estate (e.g. property, money, specific gifts)

Codicil - a document drafted by the deceased which adds to the will.

Estate - the belongings of the deceased (e.g. property, money, shares) and includes liabilities.

Executor - the person named by the person who has died on the will to deal with their estate and the person subsequently appointed under a grant of probate.

Grant of Representation - a grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration.

Letters of Administration - the grant given to someone when the deceased did not leave a will, or when they are administering a will but are not the named executor.

Liabilities - debts owing by the person who died.

Probate - the grant of representation given to an executor.

Personal Representative - the person administering the estate under a grant of representation.

Will - formal document signed by the person who died giving instructions about how they wish their estate to be dealt with.