Court Fees

About court & tribunal fees

On the 1st July 2023, the fees charged by the courts & tribunals of the Falkland Islands changed. This page sets out the majority of fees payable to the courts & tribunals. If you are unsure about a fee, please contact a member of the court team by email on or by calling (+500) 27271.

All fees are payable in advance unless stated otherwise. If you are submitting an application via email, please review the court holding policy regarding fees.

Please note, the forms indicated in the tables in this booklet are a guide and may not include every form that will require a fee. The Action gives rise to the liability to pay a fee, not the form.


How to make payment

There are 3 ways to make payment;

1) Cash payment at the court office

2) Local cheque payment at the court office; or

3) Bank transfer.

If you make payment at the court office, you will be given a receipt by a member of staff.

To make a local bank transfer you will need the following information:

Account name: Falkland Islands Government

Account number: 002003344000

Please reference your case number on your transfer slip.  If you do not have, or know, your case number please reference ‘courts’ so that we can track your paymen


Fee until 30 June 2024[1]
Fee from 01 July 2024

On application for any originating process (excluding financial relief)

C1, C1A, C66, C100



Any application within proceedings (excluding financial relief)

C2, C3, C1, C1A, C66, C100



On an application for an order for financial relief

a) by consent

b) other than by consent

Form A, Form A1

a) £57

b) £57

a) £60

b) 60

On application to vary or discharge a financial order

a) on consent

b) other than by consent

Form A1

a) £57

b) £57

a) £60

b) £60

On appeal relating to fostering or hosting provisions




On requesting a parental responsibility order following the completion of a parental responsibility agreement

C(PRA1), C(PRA2)



On application for a maintenance order to be sent abroad

See Practice Direction 34A



On application for variation of an existing financial order from abroad (under reciprocal enforcement legislation or similar)

Form A1



Any other application not otherwise provided for




On filing a notice of appeal

FP161, N161



Standard copy fee for sealed/verified copies of documents for first copy –

Per subsequent copy supplied at the same time






On taxation of costs


.05p per £1.00 of profit costs and disbursements allowed.

.05p per £1.00 of profit costs and disbursements allowed.


[1] Court Fees (Family Proceedings) Rules 1992

Holding Policy

To facilitate the submission of forms via email, the courts will be implementing a ‘holding policy’ for paperwork that requires a payment of a fee from Monday 2nd May 2022.  Anyone submitting a form electronically will be given 3 working days to send payment to the office, or make payment via standard chartered bank.  Please note, if the service you request requires a fee to be paid your paperwork will not be processed until confirmation of payment has been received.  If payment is not confirmed within 3 working days your paperwork will be deleted from the court system.  Once paperwork is deleted it will not be recoverable by court staff and it will need to be resubmitted.


Example one:

Paperwork submitted by email Saturday

Deadline to make & confirm payment is 4.30pm Wednesday

8am Thursday the paperwork will be deleted from the court system if no confirmation received by deadline.


Example two:

Paperwork submitted by email Monday

Deadline to make & confirm payment is 4.30pm Thursday

Confirmation of payment received Wednesday

Paperwork processed as soon as possible after confirmation received, and in any event within 3 working days (Monday).



How to confirm payment:

1) send a picture/scan of proof of payment to and make it clear in your email what the payment is for;

2) pay at the court office during working hours or present proof of payment to the court office; or

3) send a cheque through the post to the court office. 

** Do not send cash or transfer slips through the post **

Please note that it may take up to 3 working days for the treasury to notify the department of payment from the date you make the payment.  It is advised, to prevent unnecessary delay to your paperwork, that you ensure you inform the court as soon as possible when you have made payment.


Further Information

If you are unsure if you need to pay a fee, please feel free to contact us at or (+500) 27271