Liquor Licensing


What is Liquor Licensing?

In the Falkland Islands the sale of intoxicating liquor is managed under a licensing system.  This means to sell intoxicating liquor, you must have a licence.


What is intoxicating liquor?

"intoxicating liquor" means spirits, wine, beer, cider and any fermented, distilled or spirituous liquor but does not include-

     (a)     any liquor which is found on analysis of a sample thereof at any time to be of an original gravity not exceeding 1016º and of a strength not exceeding 1.2 per cent;

     (b)     perfumes;

     (c)     flavouring essences recognized by the Collector of Customs as not being intended for consumption as or with dutiable alcoholic liquor;

     (d)     spirits, wine or made-wine so medicated as to be, in the opinion of the Collector of Customs, intended for use as a medicine and not as a beverage;

[see section 2 of the Licensing Ordinance 1994].


What are the types of Licence available?

There are seven types of licence available:

1) Justices' On-Licence

2) Justices' Off-Licnce

3) Part V - Residential only

4) Part V - Restuarant only

5) Part V - Residential and Restuarant

6) Occasional Licence

7) Club Registration Certificate