Useful Links

Below are a selection of links to external sites which may provide you with further information or assist with your queries.  The Courts & Tribunals Service takes no responsibility for any external sites.


Equal Treatment Bench Book

The Equal Treatment Bench Book (ETBB) aims to increase awareness and understanding of the different circumstances of people appearing in courts and tribunals. It helps enable effective communication and suggests steps which should increase participation by all parties.


Bench Books

Bench books are manuals for the Judiciary.  There are no Bench Books specifically for the Falkland Islands but the Judiciary of the Falkland Islands will have regard to the Bench Books of England and Wales where relevant.


FIG Social Services

  • Social Services
  • Early Help
  • Probation Services
  • Safeguarding Adults Board - annual reports are published via Executive Council
  • Safeguarding Children Board -annual reports are published via Executive Council


Registry Services

  • Request copies of birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates
  • Registrar of Companies
  • Registrar of Patents
  • Register of Electors information
  • Registry for Land Deeds


FIG Health

  • Health services


Royal Falkland Islands Police


Law & Regulation Services

  • Prosecution services
  • Safeguarding and Civil
  • Falkland Islands Gazette
  • Law Commissioner


Falkland Islands Legislation


Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly

  • Legislative Assembly
    • Members
    • Portfolios
  • Executive Council
    • Public Access papers
    • Forward Plans
  • Public Committees


Falkland Islands Government Services


Citizens Advice Bureau


Sentencing Guidelines Council


Family Procedure Rules

  •  Applicable rules to the Family Proceedings Court - please note for Divorce and Dissolution proceedings in the Falkland Islands, you will need to reference Part 7 and Part 9 pre-06 April 2022.



  • resources to help parents and children